Monday, August 17, 2009

Whew.. what a week.

I've had a rough couple of days. This past week I've been so hungry, but ever since the exorcist situation I can't eat anything. I sit down and after just a couple of bites {I mean like maybe 2 bites} I get sick to my stomach and have to stop. The only thing I can eat is fruit. So at least that's healthy! The pain I was having has pretty much gone away, but hiccups have replaced it. Random, I know. My birthday is tomorrow, and for the first time in a while- I'm excited. Not necessarily because it's my birthday; but because we get an arrival date for Sweet Pea! I am going to have lunch with Sweet Pea's Mimi, and dinner with Daddy and Aunt Mia. So that should be fun. Daddy says he's not getting me anything but I bet he's fibbing. On a random side note. Most people know I'm a very sentimental person, and I believe in "signs." Well today I got one of those signs, and I was moved to tears. As I was driving home from a rather hard day at work, not looking forward the the stress and mess that was no doubt waiting for me; in the midst of all the "noise" on the radio there was a request. All the host said was that it was from a man, to his little girl. The song: Unchained Melody. Not all of you would know that, that song was a favorite of my Pawpaw's. I'm brought to tears by just the memory, it truly touched my heart. It was like Pawpaw was reaching down in the only way that he could to tell me, "Happy Birthday, Punkin", "I love you", "Congratulations"; all the things I know he wants to say- but can't. I wish there was some way that I would ever be able to give Sweet Pea even the slightest idea of just how much they would have been loved by him. It's an immeasurable amount. I'd give anything to be able to see Sweet Pea in his arms. But God had other plans, and I'm learning to cope with that. Not well, but I'm getting there.

I'm excited to share with you about tomorrow's appointment!

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