Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It all started when Mommy went to a new doctor, Dr. Owens {he's wonderful.} Dr. Owens wanted to put Mommy on a new medicine called Provera, but before I could start taking it there were some tests to be run. As a precaution on July 29, 2009 they performed a quantitative blood pregnancy test. I prepared myself for the inevitable "negative" result, never expecting that I'd be pregnant. The very next day Dr. Owens nurse Amy {also very nice} called and told me not to take my medicine, that I was going to have a baby. In a second my world changed forever. My hands began to shake and I asked her at least 5 times if she was sure. {In a quantitative blood test they measure the hCG levels in a woman's blood, anything below a 10 is negative; above an 11 is positive. My level was 257!!} On the 31st I went in to have more blood work drawn to make sure that everything was progressing normally, my hCG level should have at least been 500.. it was 894. I was over the moon with excitement. As soon as I received my results I made my first appointment with Dr. Owens for August 12, 2009; just 6 days before my birthday. What a wonderful birthday gift from God.

Things that have happened so far:
  • Your Aunt Lindsay bought you your first gift: a 4-pack of bibs with very funny sayings.
  • I can feel your "home" expanding, it scared me at first, but now I'm used to it.
  • Mommy is very, very, very tired.
  • We've told all of our family and friends, and everyone is very excited to meet you.

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