Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tangible proof... finally.

Being as how we've know Sweet Pea was coming for nearly 2 wks now, this may seem a bit odd. Its silly I know, and I don't care. Here's the story:
You don't know this but the day I found out I was pregnant, I had taken an at home pregnancy test, it was negative. So when Nurse Amy called, I was shocked. Had stock piled tests like I was preparing for the Apocalypse, so I just took one every couple of days.. all negative. So last night before Daddy took me out to dinner for an early birthday celebration I took my last at home pregnancy test. Finally.. tangible proof. The doctors have told me several times, and I've been a very good girl taking my vitamins everyday {even though I HATE taking medicine!} But somehow it just didn't seem real, like there was some mix up at the lab.. twice. I kept waiting for the doctors office to call and tell me how sorry they were for all the confusion and the inconvenience. So to have the tangible proof, is so comforting.
I can't wait to "see" Sweet Pea on Wednesday, our first doctors appointment.
Things that have happened so far:
  • Mommy has been having quite a bit of discomfort in and around your "home."
  • Mommy is exhausted, taking mid day naps and in bed by 11.
  • Aunt Ashley came all the way from Mississippi to visit us this week, she is so excited.
  • Mimi {Mommy's mom} got Mommy her first real maternity shirt, it's not that bad.
  • Mommy is going to have to do something about her pants situation very soon, they're a bit snug to say the least.
  • Daddy gives "the belly" kisses every night, he loves Sweet Pea very much!

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